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If you'd like to contact me for plotting purposes, if you have issues with my characterization of Buffy, or if you'd just like to chat, you can reach me at the above or through this post. If you're here to provide criticism, please ensure that it is constructive, and provide links for reference!
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"James destroyed the one person he loved most in a moment of blind passion.
That's not something you forgive."

I O N L Y H A V E E Y E S F O R Y O U, 2x19
Or, Buffy's Relationship With Forgiveness

trigger warning for mentions of sexual assault and other things )
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D e m o n : Who are you?
B u f f y : I’m Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And you are?

A N N E, 3x01

meta discussion under the cut )
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C R U S H, 5x14
Or, Why Spuffy Was Never Going to Have a Happy Ending Without a Soul in the Equation

warning for discussion of rape and other such things )
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"The trouble with changing the world is ... you don't. Not all at once.
You just inch it forward, a bit at a time, and watch it slip back, like the Greek guy with the rock.
And you hope that when you're done, you've moved it up a little, changed it just enough. "

L A S T G L E A M I N G P A R T V, 8x40
Or, Buffy's Relationship With Redemption

meta discussion under the cut )